Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Holds You Back?

My husband said it, and he was right.

This past weekend we had an unusually busy schedule with friends, some we don't get to see often, but we do try and meet up for birthdays and other special occasions. It was a night out or two for dinner and a chance to act like adults sans a farm and large family.

**Devin brought his large, man sized "danger jenga" to one gathering. It's always a hit and a challenge to see how high it can get stacked!**

We had a great time, as always, and enjoyed catching up with so many people we do not see everyday or every week. It's like we have two lives. We have friends who live similar lifestyles to ours with a brood of children and a bookshelf of home school books and then we have friends who live a suburban life with private schools and a couple of kids. We love them both, really.

We were in the car driving home when Devin said, "You know for all of the people who admire what we do and wish they could do it, there aren't many who even try."

He's right.
We have heard from so many folks and friends who say how they would love to have more kids or would love to keep bees or would love to farm and home school.

So why not do it? What's holding you back?

I figure you've got one life. One chance. Go for it.

I personally do not want to look back and wish I had gotten that family cow or stayed home to raise my kids or learned to spot a queen honey bee from a frame of a thousand bees.

I am living it everyday. I wanted to do it and so I gave it a try.

                                   *Amelia Island, FL*

Life is full of possibilities if you imagine it and if you try.

Is there anything holding you back?

I will be back Friday with a post about hair and one way you can get a handle on that too!


  1. Great post, Sam! It's so true that life is full of leaps of faith, chances taken, passions pursued. This post is a great reminder of that.

  2. I think what holds a lot of people back is just fear of the unknown or the fear of being different to their peers. In reality there is usually no real reason to feel that fear.

  3. I think that fear of not being quite the same as everyone else, is sometimes quite difficult to overcome. So many of the hopes and dreams my husband and I share, I hesitate and then remind myself that it really doesn't matter and to just follow my heart. Life is too short not to chase your dreams, and love with your whole self. Right now what is holding me back is figuring out how to fit everything in. I think we sometimes we fill our lives and then realize in order to have something new, we need to let go of something old to make room. Which is a good change but not always easy.

  4. Oh, my!!! You've put into words the thought my husband and I have had so many times!!! The way you described life - describes ours. Only one life - go for it! :)

    I think one of the big reasons is because so many couples have separate goals, dreams, visions. At least that seems to be an issue with folks we know. When two people have the same goals, or at lest the willingness to get on board with their spouse's dreams and help them think them realistically through (and not just acquiescence which in it's own way can be really dampening) ... so much more is possible, I think. I think a spouse NEEDS to have a "cheerleader", not just an observing 'fan'. I don't think wives realize how much their helpful critiques aren't really "helpful" at all!

    Mostly, though, that probably goes back to the root of fear, too....

    Farming, semi-crunchy mama of 5 :)

    1. Ashley,
      Thanks for the comment. Yes I agree with you 100%!

      I think the fear of being out of ones comfort zone plays a big role as well.


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