Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tree, Pigs and Crafts?

The tree went up a couple of nights ago, and you know what that means?
It means that I have less than two weeks to craft, sew, and relax to enjoy the season.

I remember a time, many years ago, when we did not have enough ornaments to cover the tree. Now we have too many!

Of course a tree with a toddler is always fun, right? You get to pick up ornaments off the floor all day and redecorate the tree all day too. Fletcher found himself a branch to call his own and has about 10 shiny balls hanging there.. Thank goodness they now make the shiny ball ornaments from plastic.


I wanted to update on the pigerators. They have done a remarkable job tilling the garden area.
They are still quite active at digging the ground but in the mornings they can be found stretched out and soaking up the warm sun. They have doubled their size since we got them in late October.


Kid craft day.
Every year near Christmas we have friends over to play, relax and make an ornament.
This year we had some friends over that we just don't get to hang out with often enough.
We popped popcorn for a snack and had a great time crafting a tissue paper ornament. This craft can be completed with some help by even your smaller ones.

This craft was inspired by Wee Folk Art. They posted a beautiful winter scene craft using tissue paper.

Seriously, this was a fabulous craft and everyone enjoyed it so much.

I cut up tissue paper (some I saved from the last birthday here) into squares and placed the pieces in a bowl for easy access.
Essentially the kids glued the paper pieces to a piece of cardstock using a simple glue stick.

After the card was covered with tissue paper, the kids drew a design on the back, such as a tree shape, and then cut the design out.

Add a hole at top and a piece of ribbon and you have a hand made ornament your kids can hang on the tree. Don't forget to write their name and the year on back!

These would also make great Valentines and all sorts of ideas can be thought up with this simple idea.

Here's to a busy week . We are celebrating Devin's birthday this weekend and then school will be set to the side until after the new year! I think some baking and crafting will be in the forecast next week.

Kid Craft Day was a success and it is a tradition that we always love. What fun traditions have you added to your school year?


  1. The quilt beneath your tree is beautiful! And your pigs have done an excellent job. Go piggies! I can't believe it is the middle of December already, I rather wish it would slow down, so we could just enjoy it a little bit more.

  2. I think you have a very happy tree! Homemade ornaments are so neat. I have some that ~I~ made in pre-school, many moons ago. They don't go on the tree any more, but every year I take them out of the box and look at them & reminisce. Now I have ones that my daughter made in with them.

    Wow! I didn't know pigs rooted around that much! it's a good thing they're in that spot for a reason!

  3. Your pigs are growing like crazy! We used ours to make a new garden spot, but the soil was hard as a rock after we moved them. What are you doing to keep it so fluffy looking? And what are you feeding them? Ours are slowly growing, but not as quickly as we would like. Next week we are off of school too until after the New Year. Love the freedom that homeschooling brings! Merry Christmas to your family :)


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