Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Yoda

Usually I am that person who can't quite get it together enough to send out Christmas cards. I try.

I like to send out New Year cards complete with a family picture. A goofy picture usually.

I want to capture the real us. We are not the dress up and stand in front of a perfectly decorated tree kind of family. Our tree is decorated only on the top half and we just do not dress up. We don't buy Christmas pajamas or fancy dresses. Heck, we don't even have a single decoration up yet.

This year my big brother gave us a really cool family gift. He gave us a life sized Yoda.

Yeah it's really, really cool. Thanks, David!
Anyway, we decided that (because we are nerds awesome) we would make our family pictures with Yoda....from here on out.
A new family tradition was born this afternoon. Now, we have about 50 pictures to comb through and Quinn is going to tinker with them a bit on photoshop. I will post our official family photo once we have it completed.


Arwen update!

The girl doggie is doing really well. Last week I took her to the vet because she just wasn't quite herself. She was running a fever and needed a new antibiotic. I am happy to say she is doing great now and finishing up her meds.

Sunday we had beautiful and warm weather so I took her outside for a long walk. Here she is chewing on a black walnut. You can see how great her back looks.
The only issue I have now is that she wants outside constantly to roam and I am too apprehensive to let her out alone. I don't trust her or whatever it was that injured her.


I checked on my bee hives over the weekend and darn it two have died. One was actually weak to start with so I wasn't shocked.

The other hives looked great and the bees were bringing in pollen. I have no clue where they are getting the pollen but the weather has been so nice that my grass is greening up again.


My new plan for the new year is to learn to spin wool. I have a friend who spins and she graciously offered to teach me. I am very excited and started reading a book about spinning.

Do any of you guys spin wool or own sheep? I'd love any advice or suggestions!
Shoot me an email!

I hope you all have a great week!!!!!

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