Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Three Ideas for Holiday Home Schooling

This time of year we get more crafty. There is something about Christmas music humming in the background that makes us want to pull out felt and construction paper and create.

Yes, we are back into full school mode post Thanksgiving but we are also focusing on creating.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the things we are doing because they are pretty cool and some of you will find them cool too.

First, we have Rainbow Dragon.  This is a company I came across at our local curriculum fair this year. They offer these neat designs to color and they are awesome to color and they are REALLY great for those kids who have trouble with focus.

They have large sheets of these designs, but these here are actually ornaments for the Christmas tree.
We also have the markers that they offer. They are a little pricey but they are high quality and worth the cost.

I suggest you check them out. Rainbow Dragon. Our tree will be so pretty with these colorful beauties!

Next we have a custom game that the kids are making. This is again something I bought at the local curriculum fair but only brought it out this week.

Bare Books offers many blanks items for your child to customize, but we are making a board game. The girls decided to base the game off Monopoly and have created Farm-Opoly.
They are coloring and customizing the money, the board and the cards.

Excuse the poor quality picture! :-( The game kit comes complete with the board, player pieces, a timer, spin wheel, blank cards and blank money.
I think these would make great Christmas gifts! If you have a creative kid, go see what Bare Books can offer!

Finally I want to show you all a wonderful music program I bought many years ago and still use today.

Color the Classics is a simple program that teaches a little about music composers and has a matching music cd so the children can hear the songs.
During the holidays, though we pull out the Christmas Book and learn about the famous and well known Christmas songs.

Inside the book are stories about the beloved Christmas songs. After the short history lesson, the kids can color a picture about the song while listening to the actual song.

It is a great way to introduce some music appreciation and learn about the meanings behind the music.

Color the Classics actually has the Christmas Classic program on sale now!

Of course I did purchase some more felt last night and hope to have the kids sewing some more ornaments this weekend. I will post when and IF they turn out like I hope:-)

I hope you are having a great week!


  1. What great ideas. I really love the ornaments and the music book.

  2. Full on ideas! Books, Dragon or Color the classic. Every idea counts! Well done mate. Looking forward to coming blog posts.


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