Friday, November 9, 2012

Handmade Holidays: Book Mark It

Oh it was a week of trials, the hardest being one of the dogs was severely injured yesterday. She will be home tomorrow from the vet and I will post the story and a couple of before and after pictures.
It's horrific. Thank goodness she survived.

I have also started a rather difficult quilt, well difficult for me. It's a paper piecing quilt that I took a class for this week. I hope to have a few blocks ready to show you all by Monday:-)

Now let's move on to another gift idea. This is for those friends and family who read REAL books....the kind with REAL paper pages. I know that even with the era of electronic devices for reading, there is still something extra nice about an actual object with real pages to turn.

                          ***  Seriously horrible photo, I apologize***

All you need is a piece of velvet ribbon, about 9 inches long, two ribbon clamps and a charm.

I bought my ribbon from M&J Trim and the ribbon clamps I bought from Twilight's Fancy . Make sure you buy one set of clamps with a loop on it for attaching a charm. You might find these items at a local hobby or craft store, but I was having difficulty and they were inexpensive enough to order online. Finally get a charm, something that will make this bookmark more special.

Attach the clamps to each end and smoosh them down gently with pliers. I used needle nose pliers, taking caution not to scratch or dent the clamp. Add your charm( you might need a jump ring) and ta-da!

These would a great addition to a book gift. My oldest got a new, popular book for her birthday.

This book is a great gift for a teen who loves to read!
Maybe you are in a book club and need a good gift for the other members. This is affordable and practical and lovely.

Feel the need to browse  another blog for ideas?

Go check out Domestic Anarchy and her Crap Free Gift Ideas. After all, who needs more plastic crap cluttering up the house? Give something meaningful, something hand made, and something crap free.

Till Monday........

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  1. I love the owl bookmark. We are currently reading Mark of Athena as a read aloud. I love the book as much as my daughter and we love to share the experience of reading it together.


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