Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Magic Sand and All That Jazz

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is already here. Needless to say, it snuck up on me and we did not do all of the Thanksgiving homeschool activities and crafts that we usually do the week of the big holiday.

Oh well. It's not that big a deal, and I am sure we will have another Thanksgiving next year:-)
Sometimes, as a home educating family, it is not possible to fit in ALL of the activities and lessons that you have planned. The important thing is to give yourself a break and move on.
Christmas is coming up next so we will prep and plan for those activities. I am sure we will not fit everything in that I have planned BUT that's OK:-)


Yesterday we had four friends over for the day. After lunch we did whip together a small project.
Can you tell that it had the little boys excited?

The boys literally climbed on the counter to help mix the Magic Sand.

Magic Sand

8 Cups flour
1 C baby oil

Mix well.

This play sand feels incredible and is really fun to mold into shapes and play with, and your tactile learners will enjoy drawing letters and numbers with their fingers.

The weather was nice and I needed to clean the kitchen up from lunch so we took our box of sand out to the back deck. I doubled the recipe and used 16 cups flour and 2 cups baby oil. I buy my flour in bulk from Costco for baking and used that flour for this project.

It was a fun activity that kept the little boys occupied for some time. I plan to take the box to my moms for Thanksgiving so my young set can play with it outside some. The weather will be very nice on turkey day.

And see my hair in that picture?

It's gone pixie this season. Sometimes I throw caution out and do crazy stuff like chop the hair off. It makes getting ready much quicker in the morning and I therefore have more time to savor my coffee from my favorite panda bear mug:-)

Here's to a new season of thanks, magic sand for tots, and a chic look for winter.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!


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