Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fender and Bianca

The list gets larger each year on the number of animals we have here and so does the feed bill. What can I say? We love animals and we have 7 children who love them also.

An old friend from high school contacted me about adopting his two cats and he wanted to include the food and vet care costs to boot. I admit that although I was a little unsure about taking in more animals, the girls have erased that apprehension since the arrival of Fender and Bianca. They are fabulous cats!

The cats "live" upstairs where all of the kids' rooms are, but they like to venture out at night downstairs. This evening Fender decided to brave the downstairs and came to me for petting just as I was sitting down to type this post.

Life for these two sweeties is much different than what they are used to and so they are still adjusting.
They have lots of children and animals around them all day and at night they sleep with one of the kids. Who doesn't love sleeping with a cat at their feet?
I keep hoping one will sleep with me but I think the electric blankets on the kids' beds are more attractive to these new feline family members.

There is no lack of attention around this house, and when you are soft and furry it is a guarantee that someone wants to hold you.

So I wanted to show everyone our new furry friends. They are adjusting well, especially considering they came from a peacefully quiet home to my wild and active home. I expect that within another week or so they will be hanging out downstairs with the entire family and hopefully taking a few naps on my bed. Maybe I should invest in an electric blanket too:-)


Hope your weekend was fabulous!

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