Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pictures From Here

We had a mystery here these last few days. The towels had all disappeared. There were no towels anywhere!
Come to find out my three young girls had been using them and not taking them to the laundry. They had a closet floor covered in towels.
Mystery solved. The washing machine has been busy washing towels this morning.

While I am catching up on house work and laundry, here are a few pictures I snapped yesterday.

I know they can be dangerous, but many, many hours are spent by the children jumping on the trampoline.
Yesterday Zeb and Fletcher got quite a bit of exercise!

Some of my hives look great and others look pathetic. It has been a trying bee year so far. I will be inspecting all of my hives on Wednesday if the rain holds off.

We will be getting a blueberry crop this year! It will be a small crop, but it will be a crop! Of course I need to figure out how to keep the chickens away from them!....the downside to free-range birds.

House Chicken (she needs a real name!) spends most of her days outside. She had a great time out yesterday with Journee.

Journee was kind enough to dig up a yummy snack or two for her!


Today Indiana starts a new guitar class, a School of Rock. She is excited to take her electric guitar and start learning how to play it! I will update later and let you all know how the class goes.

Until then.....

What would you name the House Chicken????


  1. Audrey Henburn

    Sofia Laurhen

    Laying Godiva

    Mary Poopins

    Feather Locklear

    Maid Marihen

    Elizachick Taylor

    Henifer Aniston

  2. We have numerous Hanks... (That's what happens when a three year old boy names chickens). The rest are D names: Dolly, Daisy, Dorothy, Dot, Daphne, Delia, Deloris, Dawn, Dayna, Darcy, Debroah... We started our first year with A names, so this years chicks, year number 5 of hatching, are receiving E names.

    We are not very creative.

    I think she looks like a Feather Locklear. Love Karin's list by the way. I may have to borrow a few.

  3. Nugget? LOL! I like Karin's idea of Maid Marihen or Mary Poopins. Very cute!


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