Friday, May 31, 2013

Here's the Latest...

1. Summer will officially kick-off tonight with our first Outdoor Movie Night of the year. We are showing The Hobbit and expect quite a few friends to attend. If you are local, come on out! Movie starts at dusk.

2.  A cousin of mine taught me how to make clay beads for bracelets. I admit that they are super cool and will be gifts this year. I might just post a tutorial this fall as well, so all of you can make some. In fact, Rose and Zeb made some a couple of days ago! I needed another hobby, right?

3. My hens have suddenly decided to stop laying. Is it the heat? Lack of food? I have no idea. This happens occasionally, and I will go through my list of possible causes and try to remedy the issue. Sometimes farming can be a pain in the bootie.

4. In another week I plan to get my heifer calf, Stella, haltered and brought to the paddock near Lucy and Belle. We need to start getting her haltered trained and all that fun stuff while she is still small:-)
She will not be bred until she is 2 years old, but it's wise to get her used to us now as a baby.
I bet it will be little bit like a rodeo at first.

5. My pasture chickens are not growing very well on the certified organic food I bought for them. In fact, the food is a huge disappointment to me. There are yellow peas in it that they will not even touch. What a waste of money!
Yesterday we had to separate the small birds (very small) from the larger birds and put them in a tractor pen together. I will feed them extra food and clabbered milk to get them growing properly.

 The kids obligingly crawled into the pens to catch the smallest chickens for me.

I guess I can't blame it all on the food. Some of the birds ARE growing but I do not think they are growing as well as last year. The bigger kids helped catch the birds and guess who helped fill feeders?

                                Yep, even a 2 year old can help with farm chores!

We are expecting a little rain on Sunday here! That is great news for the garden! Until then we will be outside soaking up the sun and fun.

What are your plans this weekend?

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