Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lake Barefoot Farm

It rained and rained.
We have had so much rain that the ground is saturated, water is standing and the creeks and rivers are flooded.

The weekend was spent piling hay up in coops and shelters and pens so that the animals and chickens would have a dry place to hang out. Some baby chicks even found themselves in the house under warm brood lights to dry off.

Cows were moved around with electric fencing onto high parts of the property. Everything was wet ,wet ,wet.

The ducks were very, very happy!!!!

Here's to a day of drying out! The sun will be out to warm us back up and dry things out!!!!

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  1. I'm so sorry. It's a mess all over the place. The only things happy about it are the ducks and frogs. I hope it dries out for you too soon. I just mowed my front yard and it was still so soggy. But had to be cut.


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