Saturday, January 18, 2014

Chore Chart Update

My little Rose has been begging to get her name on the "chart." She, of course, is referring to the chore chart. Although she does have certain chores to do each day, she really wants to be part of the big kid chores. I have been mean to get a new chart made since Christmas but today I actually sat down and crafted a new chart.

I simply cut the center out of a paper plate and drew lines to divide it into 4 sections. Instead of giving Rose her own section, I simply added her with Journee. The idea is that Journee can help show her how to complete chores plus she can simply assist Journee with certain chores she could not possibly do on her own, such as bathing the boys. Rose can gather towels and pajamas for Journee easily as well as carry dirty clothes to the laundry.
Each week the chores change by turning the center name section.

I cannot stress how important small tools like a chore chart help make a large household run smoothly. There are certain chores the kids like least, such as dragging the trash cans to the end of our drive. This chart makes sure that each child takes on that chore equally. The chart also allows everyone to master each chore.
We have had this type of chart for 2 years now and it works very well.

I usually hang the chart on my kitchen window, just above my sink, but I am going to hang it on my Picasso style cork board in the kitchen instead. I am a little worried the boys will play and pull on it, but we will give it a try and see what happens.

So now I have completed my chore of working up a new chore chart, and my Rose is one happy girl!

Happy weekend ya'll!

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