Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Polar Vortex


Tonight we will be getting some very cold weather. The weather man says it is a "polar vortex" and it is affecting many, many parts of the US.

It has been cold here already. Really cold for the South.

We are busting ice out of the water troughs and it is not melting. It just waits on the ground, and the boys bash it up with sticks and stones. Great fun. Cold fun.

We here in Georgia can expect to go about 60 hours without getting above freezing. It's a big deal ya'll. We have never worried too much about a lack of barn, etc because this is the South. We have mild winters....of course these next few days will be different.

Preparations have been under way the last two days.

The wind will be brutal and therefore we decided the best thing would be to build a wind block. We moved our huge canopy next to the calf stall and brought in a ton of hay to stack up.

It really is a cow dream come true. A house of hay!!!

This will give Lucy, Stella and Ivy a way to huddle close, eat lots of hay and stay out of the wind.  Lucy approves already!

The bottle calves will stay tucked into their stall with lots of hay bedding and a brood heat lamp, although they couldn't help but come out and munch on the house of hay!

This morning was an all hands on deck sort of morning. Devin even helped with the milking. She loves all of the grooming and brushing she gets from him.

 Lucy and Ivy had a great time licking and grooming each other.

So we will see what the night brings. We are hoping it's not too bad and that the milk pump doesn't freeze. I have a brood heat lamp to hang over the pump for warmth.
The horse has her blanket on and we put lots of hay out for the animals to eat.

Hmm.... Canada weather in Georgia. Whoever said there was global warming did not have a milk cow through the winter:-)

Everyone stay safe and warm!!!!


  1. I know it's a load of work, but when I was growing up in NE New York State, I would haul buckets of hot water out to my horses and goats- it takes them longer to freeze in nasty conditions and gives the critters longer access to water. The cows will be alright with that windblock. Our winds would get down to 40 below and it was always warm and toasty in the cow barn. They are better prepared for the winter than you might think. :)

  2. It looks like you have everything under control. As always! Hang in there! This to shall pass.
    Love you girl!

  3. Ugh. I had a milk cow shortly after we moved here to Idaho. I do miss here on occasion. Rare occasion. The mornings-and there were plenty-that the pump froze were just horrid. Buttercup put out almost three gallons each morning and doing that by hand--frozen hands--was not fun. She was breed for machine milking and those teets were short.
    It's actually warm here this morning at 20*!


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