Friday, April 18, 2014


Hello, my name is Sam and I have a lamb living in my house...... and several baby chicks and dogs and cats and 7 kids.

Seriously, there are days I figure I need intervention. This little farm of mine grows every year, month, week, day and just when I think I have time to pursue one of my other many hobbies such as knitting, quilting or spinning, know, life happens. Life with cows and sheep and chickens and pigs, lets not forget kids too, can be time consuming.

My new cheese cave is finished, and so far it works wonderfully. We have a storage closet in our basement that is mostly underground. Devin framed in a cave area and covered it with thick insulation board.

Now all I have to do is fill it up with cheese. I have been making a wheel a week and they are all aging nicely.

Most of the cheeses are basic tome style cheese with a few variations. If you follow me on FB then you have seen a picture here and there of my cheese making. I have discovered that a turkey roaster is a great cheese making pot. It will hold 4 gallons of milk and it also holds temperature well.


We had another cold snap this week in which the people of N Georgia frantically cover tender plants and strawberry blooms  to protect from a 20 degree freeze. I am included in this group. Just when it seems like spring is here to stay with the 80 degree days, we are forced to decorate our yards with old sheets and towels to survive the 20 degree night followed by a rainy 40 degree day.

Usually by Easter we are settled into a spring pattern and it will not be long before the hot, humid summer arrives. The tulip poplar trees are on the verge of blooming and the bees are building up super well. Spring is here for sure.

I managed to get some spring cleaning done this week, a huge task no matter how many kids you have living under your roof.
The biggest task before me now is to wrap up the school year. I think we can finish up in another month.

Here are the farm activities happening the next couple of weeks: Sheep shearing, chicken processing, hardening off seedlings, banding and tagging calves, goslings arrive, bee packages arrive, and I drive to Knoxville to pick up bee hive nucs.

Did you see that part about goslings? Yes, a new critter for me. Goslings. I am least until my family calls an intervention.

Happy Friday Ya'll!

                                               ****Me and Fletcher, my partner in crime!****

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  1. LOVE your cheese cave! We are having the same thing here with up and down spring temperatures. It is a wonderful time of year though.


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