Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kid Day

Today was rock concert day for my rock star. Chattanooga held a Kidz Expo event and Indiana's rock skool performed 2 sets.

We decided to take the youngest kids with us for a fun family outing.

The Chattanooga Fire Dept. had an old red engine the kids could see and climb inside. There were also many, many vendors giving away balloons, pens, and Frisbees to the children.

This booth was offering "pet rocks" the kids could paint and decorate. It was a nice kid friendly event.

The University of Tennessee Chattanooga had a train set up for pictures, along with their mascot. The boys were not too sure about the mascot.

Although Fletcher was too scared for a photo op, Zeb was quick to run up to SpongeBob for a hug and photo!

Fletcher did brave the big blow up slide, even though he looks like he is clinging for dear life!
           ****Rock Skool teacher, Mark Ferguson, gets the students ready.****

After the young kids had their fun, we went to the stage where Indiana and her fellow rock stars were prepping for their show.

Indiana and the rest of the students did a fantastic job today! I am so proud of how much they have improved.

They have another performance next weekend and then a big gig is scheduled at the annual Riverbend Festival!

So this is what I have been up to lately. Well, I also got new bees and goslings this week. I also have a graduation party and photos to plan for Journee. Next weekend we will be shearing the sheep too.

Spring is always busy but you know what? It's also warm!!!! WARM!!!! Good-bye winter:-)

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

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