Monday, June 16, 2014

The Big Gig

The Rock Star life has been brought down some and I am back into farm mode.
Indiana and her Rock Skool group landed a gig at the Chattanooga River Bend Festival. It is a BIG deal!
Every year Chattanooga blocks off the streets along the river front and tons of people flock to the festival to listen to music and to eat food.  This year's lineup included Boston, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Gary Allen, and Widespread Panic. Of course there was also Rock Skool.

The past weeks have been filled with rehearsals, lessons and all of the prep that goes into a big show. Indiana likes to dress as punk rock as possible so she insisted on red hair. Last performance she had blue hair...this time it is red.

Aside from the incredible heat  and humidity we experienced Saturday, the performance was fantastic! I think the guy who booked them for the show was a little nervous but he was very happy once the showed started. These are kids from ages 7-17 and they are fantastic.

So, now that the concert, the BIG gig, is over we can go back to a  more normal summer schedule.

My tomato plants are getting huge and I have not staked them yet. I think it rained every single day last week, which causes my cow lot to be mucky but it also makes everything green and greener here.

We also have a new bunny.

A good friend found this bunny hopping in the neighborhood street. She asked the neighbors and everyone denied being the owner, so she brought the little fuzz ball here. The bunny has a name : Dewey Thumper Clover. Many children wanted to name the bunny, so she has a long name. She is very sweet and is living a life outside in a drop pen on grass. She's moved everyday and spends a fair amount of time in the house, playing and being held.

Finally, I discovered a new tree in the yard (along the wood line) that I had not noticed before.

This is a mulberry tree. The berries turn a deep purple, will stain your clothes, and makes a fabulous jam or cobbler. I was quite excited to discover it, however I might need to climb the tree for most of the berries. I will also have to try and keep the birds away from the sweet fruits, but I am happy nonetheless.

This week I will be inspecting bee hives, crafting cheeses, moving calves to a new paddock, and planning for Willow's birthday this weekend. I suppose staking tomato plants should be on this list too. The next batch of chicken is about ready for processing, I have two new beehives to pick up in Knoxville, and the pigs are about ready for processing too.  Family outdoor movie nights begin this weekend ,and I really think we will spend a couple of days relaxing by the pool. What's summer without a few lazy days?

Happy Monday Ya'll!


  1. That must have been so awesome for everyone involved. Would love to see a video of the performance or any of their performances if you could post it.


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