Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Time

Summer officially arrived this week. I know the calendar says we have a few more days of spring, but here it is suddenly in the 90's and the humidity is "dripping wet skin and frizzy hair."

It's hot ya'll.

Yesterday we sat by the pool with some family and had a real summer day. Today we will do the same with some friends. I have about 50 million projects sitting around and waiting to be finished, but it is summer. What is summer if you can't have some days to sit and enjoy the scorching hot sun and 200% relative humidity?

Of course first I am going to make a trip to Costco. We have the first official outdoor movie night this Saturday, and we plan to cookout some burgers (burgers with artisan cheese from our own cave) and dogs for dinner first. Sunday will be the birthday for Willow, who turns 12. We are planning a party for her, poolside, in the afternoon.

Summer is here. Cookouts are happening. Tomatoes are growing. Sweet tea is being consumed in obnoxious amounts. We've been dreaming about this day since January, when the temps dropped in the negative degrees. We wished for hot weather after several days of snow .

Summer also means baling hay, which is happening this week too. You haven't lived a farm life until you cut, bale, and stack 90 degree temps. It is nice to have a barn full heading into winter, though. We don't have the equipment to cut or bale it ourselves, so we hire a neighbor/farmer/friend to cut and bale. We load and stack and are grateful for the strong teenagers in the family who help. With a weather forecast that includes a chance of afternoon thunderstorms everyday, it must all be done in a timely manner.

The poplar trees are done blooming and the bees are moving now to anything blooming, mostly clover. I do have some honey in 2 hives that we will extract next month. I also have Russian nucs I bought from a man in Knoxville. They will need to be picked up and brought here, and that is somewhere on my *summer to- do* list.

The cheese cave is full and we have been pulling a couple of cheeses out to eat. They are delicious. We've only had tomme style cheese and one blue cheese. The next few weeks will finish the aging of several cheeses and I plan to have a cheese tasting. Tomorrow I will have a fridge full of milk and plan to make 2 wheels of cheese. It has become quite easy with practice and I am able to make cheese while also completing other tasks around the house.

Summer is here ya'll. Seize the season!


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