Monday, September 8, 2014

The Chicken and the Cow

Chickens and cows go together.
They are best of friends. They live a symbiotic life together. They are like PB&J. You really need both!

When you have cows, you have cow patties. Lots of cow patties. Just come over here to my place for a visit and you will see for yourself how much poo exists on a farm.

Cow patties tend to attract flies. Lots of flies.

Chickens like to scratch through cow patties. They eat undigested grain and bugs, including fly larvae.
Scratched up piles fade quickly into the ground.

Of course this entire process fertilizes the grass. The grass grows thicker and healthier, which feeds the cows, which feeds chickens, which fertilizes the grass...etc  This is a perfect example of sustainable farming.
I only thought I was a dairy and chicken farmer. I am also a grass farmer.
If you ever needed another excuse to get more chickens or cows, well here you go! :-)
You're welcome.
It's gonna be a busy week here! The Quilt Show is in Chattanooga and I am lined up to volunteer and to take a class. I will update when I am able.
If you do not follow me on FB, go ahead and give me a like. I plan to post pictures of the week as they happen.  I am even bringing Devin along to an after quilt show party at a local bar! It should be a fun week!
Happy Monday Ya'll!

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