Monday, September 29, 2014

Back from Rock Bottom, For Now

Oh morning sickness, how I loathe thee!

Last week was a very tough week. I had to spend more than a couple of days in bed trying to force food down my mouth.

I did have a couple of evenings, however, in which my energy level was better and my stomach somewhat settled. I also found a little nugget that can make me feel better for a short while.

Watermelon is the ONLY flavor that works, so I will buy a bag of mixed ranchers and offer the other flavors to my teens. It does not disappoint them in the least.

We managed to host a movie night on Saturday night and I felt pretty decent.

Of course, the back yard felt a little more "farm like" than usual due to the fact my hens and geese are currently free ranging.

The geese enjoyed walking around to scavange for dropped pieces of popcorn and chips.

We also brought Hilda the pig outside to socialize amongst everyone until the movie started. She is very good about staying near us, of course she also constantly roots for food.

After the movie I decided to let the cows back out into the yard to graze the rest of the weekend. This morning we woke up to a short episode of drizzly rain and a cow on the front steps.

Penny had already eaten all of my potted plants that I had on the ground around the porch. It seemed she wanted to nibble on the remaining potted plants. We stayed inside so as to not startle her. The last thing I wanted was for her to fall or slip. She finished off a banana pepper plant, turned around and walked back down the three steps to the ground. Once I feel well enough, I plan to empty all my pots out so as to not tempt her any longer.

Amazingly none of my children thought this scene to be unusual. Should this worry me or make me proud? Either way, it's life out here and I wouldn't trade it for a "normal" life in a million years.

I have to thank everyone for the tremendous outpour of congratulatory emails and comments about the new baby we are expecting in May. It really makes my day to read the positive feedback and support for my growing family and if I could I would give ya'll a big hug!

Today I am again feeling puny, exhausted and hungry at the same time. My goals for the day have dropped down to the bare minimum and only include feeding my kids, feeding myself and getting basic farm chores completed. I might add buying more watermelon ranchers to my list of goals too.

I feel ambitious like that today:-)

Happy Monday Ya'll!!!


  1. I hope the morning sickness vanishes soon x

  2. Hope you feel better soon! That little one better be good to his/her mama!


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