Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Captain's Birthday

Last Saturday was Fletcher's 4th birthday! We decided, however, to celebrate it Tuesday when it was easier for cousins and grandparents to come over for a family party.

Despite the lingering morning sickness, I was able to accompany Fletcher and Devin on a mid morning outing. Fletcher really wanted a balloon for his birthday so we took him to pick a special birthday balloon out, as well as a toy.

We also picked up groceries for the party and ingredients to make cupcakes. Everything was ready for a party by dinner time, and the cousins and grandparents came to help celebrate.

It's hard to believe this kid is already 4! It is also impossible to imagine life without him and his bubbly personality!

So now we have a month break before the next rounds of birthdays, but I can assure they will be filled with fun and family too....and hopefully I will no longer be feeling sick by then!

Why do I call Fletcher Captain? I've had a few folks on FB ask me this question.
His full name is Fletcher Pike Martin.
Fletcher is a family name from my side and Pike is from Star Trek. We named him after Captain Pike. I often times call Fletcher "Captain" or more often "Puppy." When he was a baby he followed me every where like a puppy.
Today Captain seems more fitting for my growing boy!

Happy Birthday!!!

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