Friday, October 10, 2014

A Farming Romance

I think at some point in time, everyone has a picture perfect image of farm life.
                  ****My 4 geese patrolling the back yard****

The fresh eggs, fresh milk, crispy bacon, quiet solitude on the front porch each evening.
In many ways life is sweeter on a farm.
My kids are growing up learning how to care for many animals while they use their free time to explore the woods and land around us.
We enjoy fresh eggs, milk and meat that we raised ourselves and that I know is free from chemicals and drugs.
We don't need to worry too much about keeping a landscaped yard, but we always make sure we have firewood stacked for the backyard fire pit.

                        ***The puppy, Delconno, must walk on a leash as he still wants to chase chickens!***

When the lawn gets too tall we just rotate the cows across the yard with electric fencing to graze the grass down.
When we host outdoor parties and movies we invite everyone because, well, we have the space.
Yes, it's romantic being a farmer.....except when it's not.

That's the part that gets a lot of folks. There's a huge part that is not romantic, in fact it's hard and sad.

Just this week a friend of mine lost her dear dairy cow. Her cow was due to calve in 2 months and the entire family was excited to welcome a new calf and equally excited to have fresh milk again.
This is the romance side and it is what makes farming worth it, especially when tragedy occurs.

Her cow suddenly became ill and died. She had a blockage between her rumen and first stomach that would not pass. My friend now has to face burying her beloved family cow and her calf. Tragedy.

This post isn't meant to depress or discourage. In fact, what I really want to do is to ENCOURAGE!

Life can be tough. Farming can be tough. Don't let the tough days make your entire endeavor seem fruitless. Press on. Learn from mistakes. Help a neighbor. Remember on tough days that there is still some romance left if you only look around.

Life and death is a constant cycle on a farm and in life. If you are lucky enough to be on a farm, then you are lucky enough. Embrace it...tragedy and romance.

Happy, Happy Weekend Ya'll!


  1. Things always have a way of balancing out, there will be ups and downs, you can't have one without the other and that's a beautiful aspect of life that children do well to learn xx

  2. What a great farm you have! Send my best to all barfooters. I live in Sweden!


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