Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring! and a Gift Card Winner

It's here!!!! I think spring has officially arrived! The ground is losing its drab brown color and turning green! Even the puppy, Delconno, is happy to see grass again!

My week of spring cleaning has kicked off and I hope to have a nice, organized home in a couple of weeks.

BUT, today is all about my Dog Fencing post and how successful ya'll made that post! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who left a comment and/or shared the post on FB! It generated quite a bit of talk about fencing for dogs and I think most everyone who has used underground fencing found it to be effective.

I promised a drawing and a drawing I delivered!

Congratulations to the winner of the $50 Amamzon Gift Card : Ruth Ross!
Ruth doesn't have dogs, but she shared the info with her sister who owns sheep and Pyranees.

Ruth, I need you to email me within the next 24 hours at to claim your gift!

Thank you again everyone who participated! Thank you also to Willow, my #4 child, for all of the pictures on the blog today!

I hope everyone is enjoying nice weather today and can get outside to soak up some sun!

Happy Spring Ya'll!

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