Saturday, April 16, 2011

What a Week!

Sorry I did not update yesterday and again THANK YOU EVERYBODY who donated to Amazima! You all have done something special and it is appreciated. Look for a thank you note in the mail. If you haven't gone to read what Katie Davis is up to, go HERE. She is inspiring.

I have been very busy these last 2 days sewing a quilt and wrapping up the quilt raffle. Oh, and I had 7 kiddos to care for and there was home schooling to be done. Let's add to that some major storms that came roaring through the South!

We decided last night to sleep in the basement (un-finished) because our house is pretty tall and ALL of the children sleep on the top floor. We cleaned the basement up and made pallets. It is nice in that we have a projector movie screen and such down there. After 2 movies we turned lights out.
I have discovered that a couch is NOT wide enough for me and the baby to share. Thankfully the storm brought only rain, rain, and more rain.
By 2:30 am I brought the baby upstairs to my room so he could sleep in his bed. I also carried upstairs Zeb (who had a diaper leak!) and Rose. They both slept in my bed with me. Yep, I am not feeling too rested today so here I am at 10am drinking a coke.:-)

My goal is to have that basement finished by this time next year. It would have been much nicer to have a bedroom, bathroom and some carpet.

Switching topics now. Zeb LOVES bugs! In fact we got some caterpillars this year and they just turned to butterflies this week. We let them go a couple of days ago.  It is not unusual to see Zeb carrying a beetle around or an inch worm. So when I saw him yesterday with a rubbermaid shoe box and a little bug in it...I thought nothing of it. In fact, he played with his "bug" for an hour or so. He came and told me about his bug and I peeked into the box and saw a little black bug. Yep, nothing new here...UNTIL....until his sister got a close look and said, "Zeb has a pet tick!"

Yep, Zeb had been playing with a tiny little tick. So I did what any good mother would do. We flushed the tick down the toilet and of course this made the boy VERY angry. He sobbed and cried.
So I did what any good mother would do.
I asked Journee to go get him a pet cricket from her supply (she feeds them to her bearded dragon).

So Zeb and Rose played with the pet cricket for sometime. I started to feel sorry for the little bug and had them go and feed him to the baby chicks. Put him out of his misery. The baby birds loved him.

The sunshine will be back tomorrow! We will hopefully be outside playing and taking some pictures. I do plan to sew a couple of skirts, but hopefully that will not take too long. Look for some pictures Monday!

Have a great weekend!

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