Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adoption, DFCS and My Headache

Here it is!
These are the papers FINALLY filled out and ALL requirements for DFCS to continue with our adoption request. I was so excited to get it all in! It was a PAIN to get it ALL done as many of the forms were the same form only in a different layout. I filled out the SAME information many, many times. We also got our health screenings, drug tests, TB skin tests, rabies updates (for the dogs, of course) and the list goes on and on. DONE! Finished!
Then, of course, my social worker looked at me and said, "I have another form for you to fill out on all of your children."
What??????? I looked at the form and it asks EXACTLY what I filled out on another form. I pointed this out and she agreed but insisted that it is required. So, I guess they need me to AGAIN list down on paper my kids' names and dates of birth and eye and hair color (which is crazy) and their ss numbers, etc.
Then she dropped another bomb. She stated that since we have water near our property (a creek about 50 yards away) we would have to take a water safety course. ****Here is where my head starts to ache****
I was frustrated. I told her that I was sick of these requirements. I pointed out that it was a waste of money and time and reminded her that my husband, who works in the ER as a provider, was required to take First Aid and that it was silly. ***sigh*** What next? What will they require next?
I am honestly ready to throw in the towel. Devin is not discouraged, though. He said we would just do what they want. 
There is no place in this DFCS office to look at situations case by case. They have a box to check off and it must get checked off. This is our government at work.
After my pity party on the drive home, Devin took me for an icecream and told me to chin up or man up or stop whining....something like that. I was pretty busy shoveling ice cream and hot fudge and such in my mouth.
I HAVE decided something though, I should have expected this. I should have seen this coming. It is so very sad to say, but I see why so many people decide not to adopt. I see why it is discouraging for so many. I have felt that way and I feel that way now BUT......I know in my heart there is a child who needs someone to press on. Who needs a mom and dad to just suck it up and take a silly water course. Who desperately needs a family to fill out a billion forms again and again so that they can be loved forever. There is a child waiting for me and I know that this crap silly class process will make it all worth it. My child is worth all of this.
So this is my adoption so far. I will stay cheerful and grateful. I will be the lady down at DFCS who is very willing to go the extra mile to find her child. I will be finding a water safety course to take and I will NOT complain because I KNOW my child is worth it.

I want to also THANK everyone who has contributed to my Quilt raffle and donated money for Amazima. Thank you, thank you!!!!!! I have recieved more than what the chip in states as some friends have written me checks! It's not too late to chip in and get a chance to win my quilt. I can't wait to send the money off to Katie! Click HERE to find out more!

Tomorrow I will tell ya'll about what we did today. We had a busy, busy day in the garden and putting together a worm farm. That makes about 2000 more critters in my house. I am sure DFCS would love that!!!! :-)

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