Monday, March 14, 2011

Help Ugandan Orphans, Enter to Win a Quilt

There are about 147 million orphans in the world.
2.5 million of those orphans live in Uganda.
1 million of those children in Uganda are orphans due to AIDS. Their parents died.
Who will help them?

Although my family and I would love to adopt a child or two from Uganda, it is not our calling at the moment.

Does that mean we cannot help? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Over the last year we have followed Katie Davis and her journey in Uganda, helping so many orphans and others.

You can follow her too! You will fall in love!

What I really want to do is send Katie some money so she can continue her ministry. You see Katie has a program called Amazima Ministries International.

She sends orphans to school. In Africa you don't attend school unless you can pay tuition. Nope. No government run school systems like here in the US.

Amazima also feeds children and teaches them about Jesus and helps them feed their families.
Amazima helps women earn a living and become self sufficient.
Amazima helps with medical care for many people. In Africa if you can't pay the doctors, you do not get care. Nope. No medicaid or medicare like we have in the USA.

Katie and Amazima are doing great things and I want to help. I want to encourage others to help.
My goal is $1000 by April 13th. An Easter gift to Katie and Amazima.

I need your help.
The orphans in Uganda need your help.

I made a quilt. I pieced it together and had a friend professionally quilt it.

It's full of purples and yellows. 20 different fabrics that I bought from a quilt store here in town.

I want to give it away, to help the orphans. To help Katie and Amazima.

Please Chip In! On the left side of my blog is a Chip In button. $10 gets you one entry to win this quilt. $20 gets you 2 entries. $30 gets you 3 entries, etc.

Plus you will be helping out in a BIG way! You will be helping the least of these, the orphans. I'm ready to give, are you?
Let's reach the goal!!!! $1000 in 30 days!

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