Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So It Begins

Time for my spiritual armor!
The paperwork has started and I must say that it takes A TON of papers and procedures to adopt through DFCS. Whew! I have been told that satan will throw many obstacles your way once you start the adoption process including but not limited to major car or appliance issues (things that cost a bunch of cash), doubting family members who offer their unsolicited discouragement, and your current children will turn into unruly monkeys who make you question why anyone would even want kids and why would they want YOU to have them since it is clear you cannot handle them!

On the upside I met a wonderful lady today at the DFCS office who is taking this same leap of faith! We are kindred spirits and I was excited to have met her...we have mutual friends too which is even cooler.

Meanwhile, i have a ton of sewing projects staring at me in pure disgust over my neglectful attitude towards them. I have 4 quilts that need binding, 3 quilt tops that need finishing and my skirts? Well, I have not even cut patterns out yet! In good time, dear projects.
Right now I have to write a book about our lives and obtain all but a DNA sample for the folks at DFCS.

I will part with a picture of some beautiful chicks my daughter hatched in her incubator!

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