Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Pigs Are Scared of Us!

Remember that I am giving away a quilt to some lucky person who donates to Amazima! Help some orphans in Uganda!

Now to the excitement of the day.

The last 2 days we have been busy locking down bee hives from my mom's house so we can bring them here. It is easier for me to take care of them when they are in my yard. My dad took great care of his hives and they are really busting out with bees and honey already! We left a full hive and 2 nucs there for my mom to keep watch over. Yes, she's good at beekeeping. In fact, she's really good at spotting queens.

Anyway, we loaded the bees up and took 2 hives to a nearby farm. If you live here locally, you can buy a CSA subscription and get some great local produce this summer!

I thought it would be great to let the ladies pollinate some farm land and blueberries and the family farm is absolutely fabulous.
Let me mention that they raise pork. Pigs. Berkshire pigs, I believe. These pigs did not like us one bit!
The family was nice enough to show my rowdy crew around. We saw cows, chickens, and cats and dogs and berry bushes.
Then....she offered to take us to the pigs. She had piglets in fact, so we walked to where she had them. We were all excited, I mean, we don't have pigs and how cute to see young ones.
They saw us coming from a long way off and started to spook. The closer we got, the farther they huddled....away from us and towards the fence.
Then one brave lttle pig, a little rebel walked plowed through the fence! Guess what happened next?
Yep, the rest followed suit! So there we are watching ALL of the piglets take off into the woods. Boy were they (the pigs, not the owners!) happy. I think I even heard them cheering. "We're Free! We're Free!!!!"
Oh boy! Needless to say that was the cue to leave so the real farmers could somehow get the piglets back. I don't know yet how that turned out but I am hoping, well, I am hoping that by this evening all is good in pig farming land there. (crossing fingers)
There's nothing like letting the bacon get away...along with hard work and money. Sorry, Burns Family! Next time we will just look at the chickens....

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