Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Still Working On It

YAY! More money donations are coming in and that makes me VERY happy! Click here to find out about the quilt giveaway that will be helping many orphans in Uganda!

Okay, so I am still working on filling out the papers for DFCS. Ilack getting all of the rabies shot records for the dogs and getting PPD and drug tests for myself and Journee. (Anyone over the age of 15 must get these). Then there is the health letter...a doctor signs and states that you and the kiddos are healthy. that's all I lack to turn in and I have been working on it.

This time of year is super duper busy with gardens, flowerbeds and honey bees. I even felt ambitious enough to pull the sewing machine out work on a few quilts, but I have yet to find the time.

I can tell how busy I have been by the way my van and pantry and freezers look. Translation: they are a mess!
While the two oldest stay at my mom's this week and visit cousins, I am here with the 5 youngest. Today we managed to clean the garage (take the blower to it!) and wash my van. That is a huge accomplishment.
I have also baked bread tonight and made some pancake syrup and some yogurt. These are a few items that have been neglected throughout these very busy days and days when I am not home.
This is the world's most boring post, but here it is anyway. Sometimes life is predictable and boring and often times that is a blessing in itself.
Happy Tuesday, ya'll!

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