Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Craziness and Quilt Giveaway

Don't forget that I am raffling off a quilt! You can help Ugandan Orphans and Amazima by donating just a little! A little goes a long way!

Wow! it has been crazy here! I still lack a few things to turn into DFCS. I tell you they wanted a book!
It is actually frustrating because some of the forms they had us fill out were SUPER silly. Yes, I kow they have to make sure we are not crazy people BUT honestly! I had to interview the kids (including the baby) and ask stuff like how would you resolve conflict with a new sibling or how do you feel about sharing your room, etc. Here was Fletcher while I asked him the questions:
"How do your parents punish you?"

I think he is okay with the whole idea. What do you think?

We also have to get CPR certified and First Aid. I explained Devin had ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and they said that MIGHT work. What?????
I asked if Devin had to have First Aid since he went to med school and is an ER provider. They told me "yes"...we BOTH must take First Aid! This is our government at work folks.....they can't think outside the box or on a case by case basis. At any rate....we got CPR and first Aid taken care of. I hope to have everything gathered by early next week and ready to turn in.

Crazy schedule this week...much more to do outside the home than I am used to. I relish staying home and getting school done and house hold stuff done but alas....kids have dental and orthodontic appointments. we are also moving some bee hives and running a ton of errands. Blah! It's just that time of year......

One more question I had to ask Fletcher. (all the kids, actually)
"How do you feel about sharing your toys and personal things?"
Hmmm....I am pretty sure he's not parting with that pacifier!!!!

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