Thursday, July 21, 2011

Images That Stick

Sometimes movies are so upsetting that I cannot sleep for days after watching them. It happened to me when I saw "The Green Mile." There were scenes that horrified me and I could not get the images from my head.
The same thing happened when I watched "Amistad." Goodness I think I even had to leave the room for a couple parts and STILL have a hard time clearing my head of some images from the movie. It's been YEARS since I saw the movie too!

This week I browsed for an instant play movie to watch and ended up seeing 3 documentaries.
The first was "Kimjongilia." It is about North Korea and it was excellent. I encourage everyone to see it, seriously.
 Next I watched "The Human Experience," which follows 2 young men who seek the essence of humanity. They experience several things, such as living homeless, in order to really answer the questions they were seeking. It was wonderfully done and I plan to watch it again, with my children.
Last night I saw another North Korea documentary titled " Seoul Train." Here is where I can't get images from my head. I cried a few times, and today my heart is broken for what is the most inhumane of countries, China is not much better. I have spent the day in disbelief that these horrors occur. Yes, you should watch it and then count your blessings.

I am still getting donations to the raffle. Please check it out and donate/buy a raffle entry if you have not done so! I have less than a week to reach my goal! You cna help people like those in "Seoul Train!"

The living room has been a fortress of toys and children this week and that makes me smile. Without a doubt, the toys that are always played with the most are the simple ones like wooden blocks and train sets. Cheap plastic just isn't as much fun, and the classic toys are far more durable.
 My boy spent the day with a purple barrette in his hair, and he would throw a fit if I even mentioned removing it! He loves to mimic his 5 big sisters, and it was not difficult to figure out which one helped him fix his hair.
 Willow was obviously the hair stylist yesterday.
She even fixed Rose's hair. Rose went outside and searched for a chicken feather (which is not difficult) and Willow added it to her hair style. I was happy to see some hair get brushed around here!!!!
 I am back to a well thought out menu plan for 2 week stretches. It's a simple way to keep us on track with a food budget and it also frees me up some during the week. I spend less time "figuring" out what to cook. Homemade pizza is always a favorite and the girls love to top them for me.

 I broke down and bought a tag reader. I was shopping online for this year's school books and decided Rose would enjoy this and it would give her an activity while I am cooking or helping the older kids with lessons. There are some good books for it, such as "Click, click Moo." Rose and Zeb both love it!

I only have one mold, but I have been using it like crazy to make candles with my bees wax. I must say that I really love these candles and they burn beautifully. New skills are so much fun.

 My word, the baby is so cute this week and learning so many things! He claps all of the time! Today Rose was standing outside making faces at him and he would giggle and laugh and clap his hands together.
 He has also discovered that he can bite Duke and Duke does not care. What a great dog! These bulldogs are so great with children, it's unbelievable.
 Fletcher is also pulling up on everything, even though he is not sure what to do once he is standing.

 He thought it was funny that I would take his picture through the glass door.

 Tomorrow is the curriculum fair and although I have ordered most of my books, I have still spent a good deal of time making lists and researching curricula. Peach tea makes it all better. There is not a single beverage that tastes better than a Snapple Peach Tea. They are also educational....
This is helpful information if you ever plan to travel to Albania.

Have   a happy Friday! We are having movie night tomorrow and showing the movie JAWS!!!! I wonder what images will stick??????

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