Monday, July 25, 2011

Sour Patch Assault

This weekend was very busy, yet I still had time to 1. Find a new favorite candy and 2. Give myself a busted lip with such candy.
All these years I thought this candy looked yucky! I was soo wrong. In fact I bought this large bag for movie night and then proceeded to eat the entire bag an hour before the movie guests arrived. How do you like that hospitality?

 We brought a few friends home with us after the curriculum fair and after dinner decided to head outside to pop the popcorn and set up for the movie. It was still daylight so the chickens were all over, looking for dropped food.
 They know that I tend to drop popcorn on the ground, being that I am so graceful and "lady like."
 Indiana bought a toy rifle at the fair and Zeb loved it. He would constantly point it in the air and shoot it. When asked what he was shooting he would reply, "Birds!"  His grandpa would be so proud:-)
 Here I am all "lady like" again and here is where my new favorite candy caused injury. We were throwing the candy into the air (me and the kids) attempting to catch it with our mouths. Well, one hit me in the lip and cause my tooth to bust it a bit. Such a dramatic picture!!!! I still love the candy though:-)
The movie was great, we showed JAWS. We all agree that the movie night has been a great activity and will continue movies until it's just too cold.
 Summer nights are perfect for playing outside after baths, even if the dogs decide to join in on the trampoline fun.
 Crack the egg is a favorite game for the kids.
 It is also a good time to check on the birds and hold them. Zeb ran and chased this little hen all over.
 He also finally caught her. Doesn't she looked thrilled? He calls her his baby.
 "Last one back to the house is a rotten egg!"
 I bet if I ask "who left their barbie outside for the dogs to chew up???"  ALL of the kids would reply, "Not me!!!!!" That's more scary than the big black snake we saw last week!
 Speaking of scary......we are feeding a ton of hens and yet they are refusing to lay eggs! It's a mystery we have yet to figure out. They are not molting and they are not sick. I am sure there is a reason, but we have yet to find it. Journee mowed the grass down in their lot today and they love pecking and scratching the cut grass.

 Another activity this weekend was spending the day at the lake. Fletcher loves the water and splashes it everywhere. It was warm water and felt great, especially on this hot, humid day.

 The sweet corn is coming in and we picked 100 ears to freeze. Here Fletcher decided to eat on a raw piece and of course he loved it. This is the sweetest corn we have ever grown!

These long summer night are perfect and they are also a nice welcome after the long, hot summer days.
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Have a peaceful week!

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