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Art Quilt Raffle Plus an EXTRA Something

An Introduction
Remember when you were in school and the history teacher would talk about WWII and the Holocaust? It was terrifying to read about the struggles so many people went through during that time. Not only did the Jewish suffer, but Christians did as well. Corrie Ten Boom told her horrific story as a Christian in a concentration camp in her book "The Hiding Place." Aren't you glad nothing like that happens anymore, that we are far beyond those terrible day of concentration camps? Well, sadly they still exist. They STILL exist! Where? They exist here.

See that area on the map that is full of lights? That is South Korea. They are doing well over there, thriving! Now, look at the dark area on top. That is North Korea. They are suffering there, and they HAVE concentration camps. They are dark because they have NO ELECTRICITY. Well, the small dot of light is where the devil Kim Jong II (the Dear Leader) lives.

Why North Korea?

My dearest friend, Lisa, works as a human rights activist for North Korea. She is crazy about the  crisis in North Korea, and because she believes I am a good person (seriously, she gave me a t-shirt to prove it!) I told her that her cause is my cause and that I would help any way I could. Now I am going to tell you all that you too are GOOD people (but without a t-shirt) and ask you to help as well.

Today I will start a raffle to collect a donation for 318 Partners. Much like the Underground Railroad you learned about in school, this group will raise funds and then use the funds to help the defectors of North Korea. Many of the women are sold into sex trafficking, 318 Partners helps get them out. They also go in and actually help people escape from the oppressed country. It is an Underground Railroad! They need money to do it all  so we are all going to pitch in and help. They have a few missions they are currently raising money for and WE can be part of that! WE can help rescue someone and change their world FOREVER!

I know this is a difficult "sell" because the North Korean government is SO reclusive! Let me tell you that the enemy LOVES it! The enemy LOVES that these people are oppressed! The enemy LOVES that these brothers and sisters of ours cannot learn about Christ! The enemy LOVES that they are all starving! We must see that GOOD triumphs over evil!

What is the Raffle?

I really reached into my artistic self and decided to raffle 2 items together. One is a quilt art.A quilt art is a small artistic quilt creation that tells a story or expresses a feeling.
Here is my Proverbs Quilt Art for 318 Partners.

It measures about 18x16 inches, was all handmade by me, and not only features some Proverbs that express this cause, but also has written in Korean "Free North Korea." It is ready to hang on your wall.
There is another gift that will go along with this quilt art.
Yep! That is a Keurig Elite coffee maker and it has with it 12 K cups, a sampler of sorts. Oh, you know how nice that coffee maker would be, admit it!

Here's how it works. I have a Chip In button on the upper LEFT of this blog. Click it and make a donation. You can also mail me a check, just email me for my address. We have ONE MONTH to raise $1000 for 318 Partners! Share this post with everyone you know. You can also find me on Face book and 318 Partners is on Facebook too!
Now, for every $10 you donate you get 1 entry at the drawing. So if you donate $50, you will get 5 entries! The drawing will be held at 7 am on 7/26 using
Now, I love it when people really open their hearts (and wallets) and donate $100. So I have ANOTHER gift for everyone who donates $100 or more.

This is a quilt art that is also called a memory quilt block. I made this one for a friend who donated to my last raffle. If you donate $100 or more I will ask you to send me a picture and I will custom make one of these for you. You can use a baby picture, wedding picture, birthday picture, whatever. Maybe you have a special occasion coming up? I will get started making it as soon as I get your photo via email AND you can choose a color scheme if you wish. That photo is printed out on a special fabric and truly is lovely in person. It is also ready for hanging on your wall.

Are you still with me? I know this is long winded, but it is truly so important! I will be featuring stories and videos throughout the month so that you can get the feel for what the North Korean Crisis really is and how it affects so many. 318 Partners is devoted to saving lives and changing the world for individuals who are suffering there.
""Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute"
Proverbs 31:8

Will you be their voice?

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  1. Hello,
    I know this is an old post but I have a story for you and after tht story I would like to know if you could make another quilt I could purchase, just like this one but adding the word "mother"
    My email is

    8 years ago The Lord promised me a child from N Korea. I was watching a documentary called "children of the state"
    I was still just a teenager so I tucked this away in my heart and move on. A little over a year ago The Lord lot this promise in me like a fire. :) he was so sweet about it. He gave me the boys name that he will rescue to me and he showed me lil things. A month after that the dictator died . A few months later I discovered 318partners... Which was ironic because the ministry I served is called 318Live.
    This past August he sent me a dream of my child's dad. So much is happening in congress now w adoption and so much awareness to the underground churches.
    This promise is dear to me. If its possible I would love to purchase a quilt in faith of that promise and reminder. :)


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