Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Week

First I want to update that I have collected $520 so far in the Quilt Art Raffle! Whoo-hoo! This excites me. thank you everyone who has donated. I have some Memory Quilt Art Blocks to sew:-) That makes me happy. There are still 3 weeks left to donate and enter the raffle so PLEASE help me reach the goal of $1000. Click this paragraph to find out more info.

Now, I am not going to ramble on and on today about North Korea, although I have seen some stuff that still makes my stomach turn. Lisa showed me some art work, pictures depicting what refugees said happens in those concentration camps. I am still trying to process it all mentally. It would make you cry, seriously. I know why Kim Jong iI is so adamant about keeping this horror from view. It's barbaric and worthy of an ST-6 assassination. BUT I said I would not discuss North Korea today...

We have plans for fun this weekend, and why not? My head needs to find a happy place and it found one this afternoon in the back yard.

Slip and Slide! Need I say more? Sure the little ones had already bathed, but who cares if PJs get wet. It was a new toy that needed some "trying out" so the children happily obliged.
It was sheer excitement and plans have been prepared for tomorrows adventures. My only hope is that they wait until 10 am before starting such adventures.

 Duke saw the great advantage of having fresh, running water for drinking.

Zeb? Well, those britches got a little saggy from the water.


Yesterday we were so happy to have some friends over for lunch. It had been way too long. My teenagers had a great time with their friend.

I wonder, if you could be a teenager again, would you? Would you do it all over again?


My baby can light up the entire place with those baby blues....

 He is now very mobile and crawling everywhere. I predict that in one week my lower kitchen cabinets will be a mess, and it will not be my fault this time.

 Duke is still the ever-gentle loving dog and he loves the baby. After all, the baby is a constant food source to a dog who wishes to sit under the high chair at dinner time.

Fletcher, of course, thinks everything within reach is a potential food source.


We know that Willow can grow a giant carrot and that the carrot makes a great snack.
The children have green thumbs, I say.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We will have family movie night along with a good old fashioned, southern BBQ on Saturday. It promises to be a fabulous time.
Monday we will have a good old fashioned, southern cookout complete with lip smackin' yummy kabobs. I am even going to pull out the ice cream's been way to long. I am ready for a nice long weekend with family and friends. My blessings to you all! Have a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to have some fun:-)

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