Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family Outdoor Movie Night

 So, it rained just a couple of hours before but movie night prevailed! (I apologize for the poor picture quality...)
 There are few things better than gathering with friends and family on a summer night to watch a movie on the "big screen." Everyone brought a couple of chairs, quilts were layed out everywhere for the youngest and a good time was had by all.
 Popcorn, lemonade and lollipops added to the movie experience. It was a nice relaxing family night, especially since restless toddlers (with short attention spans) could get up and run around without disturbing anyone.
 The movie was much better than I expected. I mean, the title seemed silly but it was a funny flick with awesome music. Who doesn't LOVE Sir Elton John?
So the first summer movie is done and now we are planning the next. We will show another flick on July 2nd and I am sure it will be as great as this one!


  1. I have just recently discovered your blog and am loving it! Our boys are fascinated with your outdoor movie night and were wondering what the specifics were on pulling it off. What do you use for your screen and projector?

    1. We bought a tarp from creative shelters to use as the screen . We made a frame with metal poles and mount it to our deck, but I have seen blow up screens or other stand alone frames. our projector is a mid-price range and we bought it from Best Buy.
      We put the screen up in May and take it down in October! When the weather is cooler we actually build a fire in our fire pit and eat smores. My latest blog post has more details!


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