Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Milestones

As if getting 4 teeth and scooting to the yarn basket for a demolition was not enough, Fletcher now digs all in when he plays with his toys on the floor.

This 8 month old is wearing size 24 month clothes and his appetite is unreal! His favorite food today was a fig newton. I love those cookies too and although the big girls do not care for them much, well, there was a time when they were babies and loved the classic newton cookie. Is it a cookie or a cake? Does it match his overalls?

Today I ventured out with the 5 youngest. Yes, the 2 teenagers stayed home to work on math while the rest of us went to the dentist and to a store to buy flippers. We are going to the lake tomorrow and my youngest 3 girls wish to swim like mermaids, or ducks if you are Rose. Zeb was pretty good, especially since his teeth were NOT the ones being cleaned. He got to merely play toys and grab a free toothbrush and toy.
The kid has spunk, and I love that about him.Nevermind that is also drives me crazy sometimes.

Finally, I made some yummy bread tonight. You have to try it because it was so, so simple. We ate all of it while it was warm and now I am a little sick :-) It's a good kind of sick though.

You can find the recipe for this Cinnamon Stack Bread HERE. While you are there visiting Joy, check out her recipe index. Oh.My.Word! What shall we bake next?

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