Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweet Southern Rain

After 4 weeks of NO RAIN, we got a hefty 3 inches last night. It was beautiful too with the loud thunder and vibrant lightening. Yes, I used adjectives to describe what would normally scare a person to death. It has been so, so dry here and I was growing weary from watering the flowers and garden beds daily. Not today!

It feels like Georgia again with the 100% humidity and the temps rising to 90 degrees. Ah, yes. Welcome back sticky, hot air. I have missed you.

I have NOT missed the big dogs running out and coming back muddy and smelly. They were so yucky this morning that I had Indiana bathe them outside with a hose. Zeb helped. Here's how it went down.

Essentially, Indiana washed the dogs while hanging on to them by the leash and Zeb sprayed water everywhere, occasionally getting the dogs rinsed. Duke was loving it, can't you tell?

For a big 80 pound bulldog, he handles a bath really well. The water comes from a well so it is quite cold!

Zelda was less amused but she was quite dirty as well. She also smells like skunk when she is wet. Why is that? She was sprayed by a skunk a year ago and yet she stills smells when she gets wet. Is it my imagination?

 Zeb, "I think I will take the gum out of my mouth and see what mischief I can cause."
 "Perhaps I should stick my gum down the hose and see what happens."
"I think my gum is gone for good. It went down the hose. Who knew?"
 "Mommy, I think I need some more gum!"
" Or maybe we can just turn the hose back on and watch it come back out!"

Here's hoping for many more days of sweet southern rain, even if it requires more dog washes!

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