Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Musings

The weekend started out slow, picked up a pace, and is ending slow again. Thankfully.

 Is there anything better than having a bunch of big sisters to hold you? Fletcher loves the attention.

The girls really make him smile too. So thankful for big girls who love having siblings.


So it was time to pull a few potatoes from the garden. This is one of the most favorite things to do as far as the little kids are concerned.
 We grabbed an ice cream bucket to load the bounty in and headed to the garden spot.

 Red potatoes were not enough this year so we planted purple ones too.
Obviously the purple ones did not grow as large. I am not sure why, but there are lots more still growing out there. We only pulled about 5 plants. Now we only have to decide what to make with these purple (and very small) beauties. I suggested potato salad but the little ones want french fries! If any of you know how to make fries from tiny potatoes, please let me know!:-)


I was selected to host a House Party for EXPO Dry Erase Markers. I decided that an ice cream party with some other homeschool families was in order.

Okay, so only one family showed up! That was OK though because we had lots of fun and everyone was able to take home an erase board and 2 packs of markers each! The EXPO company was very generous in their goodies!


Little Fletcher, though not crawling, is able to scoot himself over to items of interest.
He discovered my yarn basket and so now he scoots to that spot all of the time.

My poor yarn will never be the same.

I actually moved the basket this morning. I had forgotten how quickly babies in motion can grab and toss and tear apart the house!

Oh and how he laughs now! He throws his head back and shows everyone his new top teeth while laughing from deep within his body!


Zeb has been getting up way too early every morning (about 6am) and so by mid morning he's ready for a nap. Saturday he had an unusually rough morning when he fell and cut his lip.

 He played upstairs with his trains, but just couldn't fight it any longer.
Sleep won! He took a nice nap and woke up feeling much better!


Lots of raspberries from mom means lots of yummy jam for toast.
 It also makes a wonderful least Rose seems to love it!

Happy weekend !!!

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