Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Motivation is the key!!!

Un-motivated is what I am feeling today. I think the rain has dampened and zapped all energy around here. Add to that with a fussy toddler and baby and you have one LONG day!
The up-side to it is I have family coming in for a visit...my dear sister. I have been trying to get my pantry all straightened up so that she will be amazed that it still looks great since she last was here and cleaned it for me:-)
Tomorrow a good friend will be here for a visit with her wonderful kids. Few things in life are better than having great friends. I should mention that the friend coming over is Lisa, the "I am their voice" North Korea Crisis advocate. I am sure we will be talking about the raffle and how the funds are starting to come in.

As of now I have $320!!! It doesn't all show on the Chip-In button because I have been given some checks and cash.  Have you considered donating? I know, I know that times are tough and the economy has been a bit busted. Consider this: how much do you spend eating out? How about Starbucks? Perhaps you could even make your July 4th celebration a more simple family affair. Yes, I think we could all dig deep and donate $10!

Now, please watch this and see if you don't feel a little more blessed to be a citizen here in the USA. Then, read the details again and donate! :-) My friend Lisa knows this great man!!! Your donation will help these orphans!
Blessings to you all!

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