Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Grand Life

I finally finished this book, the book about adopting children and how to manage some of the challenges that go along with the entire process. I was happy to be chock-full of knowledge since we had  our home study and parenting training today. I was ready to impress the psychologist with everything I had learned, except she had NEVER heard of Karyn Purvis or the book. (sigh)
I think that dealing with the state that is under-funded has been eye-opening for me. She was very nice and was very optimistic so we were thankful. She will come back next week for a short follow-up and then we are finished! They will put us into a state-wide database so we can wait for a match. We are in much anticipation.

This week has flown by and I am sad that June is almost half way gone. I have been savoring my time outside, despite the record heat and drought, because there is so much to discover and admire. We have lots of new critters hiding around the property so the kids and I enjoy snapping photos of them and giving them names.

Feathers seem to be the new "thing" here, so the girls' and I ordered some feather extensions to put in our hair. I must say that we all look good, but little Rose is cute as a button with her feather.

As if the kids need ANY excuses to not brush their hair, Devin showed them all how to take a bandana and make a do-rag for their heads. So we now have feathers and bandanas......everywhere!
I am not sure about Willow's yoga pose, but the girl is limber!

Zeb got his first real haircut, and he cried the entire time. It was a little pathetic, but he got over it quickly. That evening we sat outside in a very summer-like fashion and ate ice cream cones. I think we could have one every evening and it would be a perfect summer.

Speaking of perfect summers, we had a perfect dinner of fried chicken nuggets. I used to make them mostly for birthday dinner requests but I was really craving a comfort food and this hit the target. Of course Mr. Bartyl and Jaymes made the preparation even sweeter. It has been forever since I have had a wine cooler, much too long. Fuzzy-navel, oh how I have missed you.

Finally, this sweet boy not only has 4 teeth now, but he loves to sit outside and try and grab at the streams of sunlight on the rug. His little world is full of big wonder and new discoveries. Life is good from here, my front porch. All I have to do is slow down and take it all in, and I do. I love his sweet face, blue eyes, and chunky thighs. The dimple in his chin makes me *swoon*!

Now, if I could only find a way to slow time down.

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