Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Oh my goodness I am whooped this evening! I am "gotta have a Mike's lemonade" kind of whooped.

It's no surprise either, school is going to start in a few weeks. School starting soon is me going on a freaking mad , crazy cleaning and de-cluttering spree. In fact I took out the leaf blower and blew all of the dust and hay from the garage so that I would have a clean space to start piling up all of the stuff we are getting rid of.

I can't focus on school when the house is a wreck, and quite frankly I look forward to a clutter free space. Well, clutter free with seven kids and all of their treasures:-)

The ricotta cheese recipe seems to be a hit and I wanted to share another recipe I made this week usuing our ricotta cheese. These are Ricotta Cheese and Blueberry Muffins. 

Yes, they are really, really good. In fact I made another batch of ricotta just so we can have these muffins Friday morning:-)

My oldest child has spent the last few weeks in Arizona learning how to brand from some cowboy cousins of mine. I sure miss her, but I am sure she will come home ready to take over the care of our calf. Here she is being all cow girl.

I can't wait to get all of the stories...I am sure she will have lots to tell.

Next week we will process all of the meat chickens and have a day for all of the buyers to pick them up. I also have some honey to sell that day.
We just extracted a second harvest of honey and it has a very nutty flavor to it. I have never tasted anything like it's good, but nutty. I have looked and researched and cannot figure out what nectar source will make honey nutty. Do any of you bee keepers out there know?

Here's to a day full of busy organizing and cleaning tomorrow! Maybe I will go to the store for more lemonade first:-)

Have  a great week!

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