Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rollin' With an Apology

It only took a couple of hours after the flat tire post for Firestone to contact me regarding the lack of customer service at their Chattanooga location.
Honestly I was surprised, and in fact, the next day the manager at that store called me and apologized.
He said that he was embarrassed the ordeal took place and he wanted to mend it by putting some tires on my van.

Needless to say the customer service was fantastic this time, no doubt they wanted to be double sure I was treated well.
I could be cynical but I won't because they did make a genuine effort and I appreciated it very much.
I am going to assume they had a bad day last week and just didn't have their "thinking " caps on when I appeared in need of tire help.

So now I have Firestone tires on the mama van. They look nice and I expect that they will hold up well. I am the new Firestone tire tester:-)

                           ****Me and the manager, Andrew, discussing my new tires.****

If you are local and want to try out some Firestone tires, go ahead and try them. Let them know Ms. Martin from Barefoot Farm sent you and I bet you get great service. If you want, ask for Andrew.

Thank you Firestone and Andrew for the apology and the tires to make up for the mishap.


School starts up here in less than a week. Friday I might just discuss those sad days of sending little ones off to kindergarten.

In the meantime,

Have a great Wednesday!!!!


  1. AWESOME!! Great post, great story of grace (on your behalf), great response on their behalf! It worked out for good!! LIKE, LIKE, LIKE!

  2. Very cool! It's good to hear that Firestone reached out to you so quickly and went above what I would have expected to rectify the situation. It makes me feel a lot better about them.

    Nice show of grace on your part, as well.

  3. Yes, me too. Always nice to see good things happen anyway. And they were good to me when I was there so many years ago.

  4. Wow, that is great that they came through and made it right.

  5. I’m glad things worked your way in the end, Sam. :) You’re right, maybe they did just have a bad week then. However, it would’ve been better if they gave you some spare along with the VIP treatment. Kidding. :P Anyway, remember to always check the tread depth of your tires before heading anyplace to avoid similar incidents.

  6. People would love to go back to a car service center if they discover that it offers great products at a reasonable price. But, that’s not the only thing that customers are looking for. Of course, they want to have a fun experience while they are there, so they expect to receive great treatment. I personally would love to go to a shop if the people there are nice and accommodating because I’m confident that they will cater all my auto needs.


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