Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bring All of the Animals Into the House

I have a serious case of project ADD. I can't seem to concentrate and finish one single thing.

I have been wanting to clear the junk out of my house. All of the junk, the crap that does nothing but sit and sit for years, serving no purpose.

                                        ***Beautiful Arwen***

Early in January I was doing well too. I cleared out my clothes and organized my fabrics and I really thought I was full steam. Now I am distracted by my ever growing "to do" list.

Now, I don't want it to seem like the walls are falling here, but I seriously have got to get my bootie back in gear.
Yesterday we loaded Lucy up and took her to the farm of my A.I. tech. Her last A.I. did not take and we felt like she needed to be around other cows so the tech would know exactly when she was in standing heat. The weather was rainy and windy but Devin only had one day available to load and haul her.

                                  ***Headed to load Lucy onto trailer***

When we got there Lucy charged out of trailer to meet the other bovine ladies that had gathered around the trailer. Cows are such curious creatures. She seemed to enjoy the company. We will get her back in about a week.

SO, you would think with no milking chores we would be set, right? Pfft!

All of this brings me to my point.

Raising kids is busy. Managing a farm (no matter the size) is busy. Educating your children at home is busy.

There are and always will be days when nothing seems to get accomplished or finished.

There are and always will be days when the house feels small, cluttered and messy.

                                   ***Speaking of messy, Athena is a messy eater!***

When the kids were all much younger we had a little audio book from Chik Fil A, one of the kid meal gifts. It was a book on tape from the show Between the Lions. You remember that show? I loved it and so did the kids. Great show.

On this book was a story about a man who was discouraged because his house was so crowded and small and cluttered that he didn't even have room to "put on his pants."
He went to see the village wise woman and for a fee she told him the solution. She told him to bring all of his animals into the house.
Of course he did and after a few days he went back and complained that it was even more crowded, messy and cluttered.
For a fee the wise woman gave him the solution.
She told him to take all of the animals OUT of his house.
Of course his perspective had been changed and he was much happier with his surroundings.

                                  ****The calf is now 6 months old!****

When we feel cramped and discouraged here, we simply say "bring all of the animals into the house."

Change of perspective.

                                           ***Zelda kissing Journee***

Here's hoping you have a positive perspective.


  1. Thank you for the reminder to stand back and regain a proper perspective! Something that is so much needed in our house on a pretty constant basis. :) The calf is beautiful! So fuzzy and soft makes me want to drive on up and give it a big hug! (or do you not hug calves?)

  2. What a great thought for today! I love it. But as much as I love it, I think I'll leave my chickens out where they are. ;-) And I love the picture of your messy-eating horse.

  3. I remember that book. What a good one. You look like your place was under water too. We had so much water here I was getting scared. But it's all gone now except for all the mud. I hope your cow gets pregnant and you get her back home. Were you still milking her?

    1. Yes and the AI tech is having to milk her! Lol We have actually enjoyed the small break!


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