Sunday, January 20, 2013

Spring Workshops

We have three workshops lined up for this spring.
Although a newsletter went out last week, I wanted to give some details here for all of the local folks who might be interested.

First a Backyard Chicken Workshop.

This workshop will give you the knowledge and confidence to keep and raise a small flock of laying hens in your own backyard. The eggs provided by back yard hens are much more healthy than store eggs and a few hens are very simple to care for, plus they provide a great experience for children.

This workshop will be held March 16th from 10am until 2pm. The cost is $100 and includes a starter brood kit (box, light, water, feeder and food) for baby chicks PLUS 4 baby pullets (hens). You will leave the class with your own baby chicks and all the supplies to begin caring for them. *attendees are responsible for checking with the city ordinances for laws regarding back yard poultry.*The chicks will be a combination of Buff Orpington, Black Australop, and Easter Egger (blue egg layer).

A deposit of $50 is required by Feb 16th. Class size is limited.

Second, Basic Beekeeping Workshop

This our second year offering this workshop. Attendees will learn the basics about bee life cycle, keeping a hive, and the equipment needed. An observation hive will be set up so that the bees can be observed closely.

Date of workshop is April 13th from 10am-2pm with a rain out date of April 20th.

Cost is $50 and includes a copy of book Backyard Beekeeping.

Deposit of $25 is due March 13th. Class size is limited.

Third, Vermi Composting or Worm Farm Work Shop
This workshop is for those who always wanted a worm farm for kitchen compost.
Attendees will learn the basics of composting with worms and will go home with a complete worm farm ready to go (with 2000 red wigglers!). I do suggest keeping the farm in your home until the weather warms up.
Here is a picture of the farm:

This workshop will be May 18th from 10-2pm and the total cost is $85. A deposit of $40 is due April 13th.
This will be a fun workshop that I think kids will love too!

Pastured Chicken will be offered again this year. The chicks will arrive the first week of May and will be processed the end of June.

The price is the same as last year $15, and a deposit of $5 is required per chicken.
If you are interested in ordering any pastured raised chickens, I suggest you do so soon! I have a limited number available.
If there is enough interest I will run a second batch in September and have them ready the first week of October.

Thank you for being part of our lives and our farm. If you are interested in any of our workshops, please send an email to


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  2. Samantha, are you still doing the bee workshop? I think we're getting some bees and 2 nook (?) around the middle of March and need some guidance. I had thought about asking sooner, then found this guy to buy some from. So now really need a class.

    1. As of now, yes. I will send you and email:-)

    2. Great! Thanks. Looking forward to it. I am excited to be getting some bees.


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