Friday, March 22, 2013

Dog Adoption

***A special thanks to Quinn for all of the following pictures!***

There is no doubt that we love dogs here on our farm. We have 4 and we would have more if we were just a little crazier.
There is also no doubt that Journee, our oldest, loves her dog Zelda. Zelda is an American Bulldog that was bred by Journee's uncle. He has fantastic dogs, by the way.

Journee and Zelda are constant companions and Journee has done a great job raising and training Zelda.

Well, Journee has a best friend cousin Jordan. Jordan lives in Arkansas but when he comes to visit those two are always together.
Jordan has been wanting a dog for a very, very long time.

Yesterday was his lucky day!!!! My sister started looking for a good family dog when she got here in town.
She looked at a local animal pound in my town but she hit the jack pot with a fabulous animal shelter in Chattanooga. The McKamey Animal Center is a very nice center that cares deeply for the animals in its care.
When you arrive they have you fill out a pet personality survey to help decide what animal personality fits your needs.  My sister didn't want a high energy dog, as this dog will be hanging out at her bicycle shop most of the day. He will be there to greet customers and to visit the staff, as well as bond with my nephews after school.

We really liked that the staff at McKamey was able to give us a fairly detailed history of this guy
named "Kirby" and that the vets had checked him over, updated his vaccines, and neutered him. He is also micro chipped. All of these services amount to a very low cost adoption fee.

Journee and Jordan decided to take their dogs for a nice long walk today.  Since "Kirby" was not attached to his name, nor did he respond to that name, Jordan changed it to Axyl.
He enjoyed the walk and he has adjusted to his surroundings and the new dogs around him very well.

Jordan started teaching Axyl to walk with a leash and to NOT walk in front, which is important to training a dog.

Axyl taught Jordan how to stand attentively when listening and looking for small critters in the woods, which is important to training an owner. :-)

I cannot say enough great things about this animal shelter, and I cannot express how happy my nephews are to have a dog!
This dog is so very sweet and calm and loving, and he is a perfect fit for my sister and her family!

A girl and her dog.

Now a boy and his dog.

It's a happy ending, ya'll!
****If you live in the Chattanooga area and are looking for a new pet, please check out McKamey! 8000 pets go through their system a year and they have cats and dogs! Thank you McKamey for a great dog!
Hope your weekend is a happy one!!!!


  1. I'm so happy you found sweet Kirby! I am a volunteer at McKamey and I had spent significant time with Kirby. He quickly became one of my favorites, and I'm thrilled to see him with a loving home. Thank you!!!

  2. Axle is home and we love him even more. He has already been to the bike shop, met the cat, and checked out every room in the house. I am sure Jordan won't dawdle after school tomorrow!


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