Friday, March 8, 2013

Sam's Club FAIL

Chivalry is dead at my local Sam's Club. Maybe it's dead at ALL of the club warehouses.
Perhaps they just don't care about customer service.
 I have had a membership there since I can remember, maybe 19 years, and until a Costco opened in my town a couple of years ago it was my go to place for large family stock up.

I  love Costco. It's organized, clean and friendly. The bonus is that in Georgia the sales tax is lower than across the border in Chattanooga.
I kept my Sam's membership though for a couple of reasons, and one of the reasons is my sense of loyalty. I did, after all, shop there for many years. They also have a few items that Costco doesn't carry, at least I haven't inquired at Costco to see if they *could* carry certain items. That might be next on my to do list.

This afternoon my oldest and I decided that while we were out we would pick up a new trampoline. Our old one finally got taken down last fall because it was worn out. My kids have missed that trampoline greatly, and I promised them a new one once the weather was warmed up.
Today was the day.

I had thought about Academy Sports since a good friend suggested that would be the best place, but I decided to check out Sam's Club. I had not been there in a while and thought I would check out what they had to offer.

They had a nice trampoline with the enclosure so Journee and I were able to drag it from it's shelf down onto the flat bed cart.

We stood in line and we paid. I told my cashier I would need help loading and she reassured me that they would. She said I needed to tell the receipt checker in front. We passed a couple of male associates as we walked to exit the store.
I asked the nice lady about getting some guys to help me load the trampoline. She said she would send someone out.
I walked to my van and started it up.
I drove into the loading area only to see my daughter standing by herself with our item. There was nobody there yet.

We waited. Waited. Waited.

Finally we decided that chivalry was dead at Sam's Club and proceeded to load the darn heavy thing ourselves.

                           ****Sam's Club in Chattanooga, TN****

It. Was. Very. Heavy.
Not a single associate appeared to help us.

We had to turn it a bit this way and a little bit that way, but we managed to get it loaded.

If my elbow injury wasn't irritated enough this morning, it's sure irritated now.

All I can say is that I am so happy I didn't have only small children with me, and I am glad my oldest is a strong girl.

That Sam's Club card? Well, It going back into my top dresser drawer. I don't think I will be needing anything THAT badly from there.
I had thought about returning it and going to Academy, but I don't feel like unloading the darn thing twice!


On a happier note, spring weather is arriving into my area! I plan to spend my weekend outside!!!!

What plans do you have for the nice weather!??


  1. That is why I stopped shopping at Ikea. It is bad enough you have to assemble the furniture, but you have to pick, pack and ship it yourself from the showroom. One time I could not find an item AFTER I paid for it and the sales associate said "That's not what we do.". I never went back there after that. Now they have horse meat in their meatballs.

    My wife an I would go to Costco and eat pizza on cheap dates after we were married. Costco!

  2. Well, that's not nice. I have that problem too sometimes. What do these guys get paid to do anyway? All I ever see them do is stand around and whine about how they haven't gotten a break yet.

    My mother's 81st birthday is tomorrow, so we are taking her to lunch. I got her some cool garden things and took them to her yesterday. Then tomorrow afternoon, my friend Sarah is bringing her 10 roosters to my house to butcher. What fun is that?

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness, you two are strong! I am so glad neither of you are hurt. They should be far more concerned about their customers safety, a slipped disc or a hernia could cause a life time of pain. I'm surprised they don't have one of those portable hoists for items like that.

    We have gale force winds, so until they subside, we are staying inside as much as possible. Crafting, board games, and some cupboard cleaning.

    Wishing you a sunny weekend to enjoy your new trampoline.


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