Monday, July 21, 2014

It's a Bit Crappy

The chicken fence fell down yesterday. I speak of the fence that goes around my egg mobile, that is currently in the front yard. We have had lots of rain and the soft ground gave way to the fence posts and it fell over.

No big deal, really, because as a farmer (albeit small scale) I realize that poo is no big deal. In fact, poo is a big part of farm life.
If you are thinking of starting a farmstead, be prepared for lots of poo.

What happens when my fence falls is all the hens decide to free range. It's quite a party, and like any big party there will be a mess to clean up. The hens especially love my driveway and sidewalk and porch.
Of course this time there were some new kids at the free rage party.

Yes, the geese enjoyed the party as well. One thing that is always true about geese is that they poop.
A. Lot.
So, after the fun was over and all of the birds headed back to the egg mobile for the night, I pulled out the water hose. It only took 45 minutes to wash the driveway and sidewalks off.

Word must have gotten around that we were throwing flock parties because some real wild ones showed up the next morning, looking for some food and companionship.

Fortunately the Canada geese didn't stay long and didn't walk across the driveway. They stayed long enough to chatter with my hens and geese and then left.

Of course we also have lots of cow poo here as well.

I expect there will be even more in the future since this lady is due to calf in early November. More calves mean more cow patties.

Belle is due to calve anytime after Aug 1st, and I noticed today that her udder is starting to fill out some. I will spare you a photo of her lady parts, but she is getting ready for calving within the next month. Her belly is looking nice and full as well.

Since we have been milking twice a day for 8 months now, I decided to cut back to once a day milking. Honestly, I need the break. I usually cut back sooner but was afraid to since Lucy had so many mastitis issues when she calved. So far both cows are doing great and I am enjoying my milking-free evenings.
We will soon be back to twice a day with Belle once she calves, so I am going to this break while it lasts.
More calves=more poo, but also=more milk=more cheese.

Ah, the muck, the mud, the poo. That's a farming life and I admit that at times it can be a bit crappy (pun intended) but somebody's gotta do it, right?
I am glad to be part of it.

Happy Monday Ya'll! Make the day count!


  1. Are you still milking your cow that will calf in August? Someone else recently told me that they dried up their cows before they calf. We just dried up our 2 who will calf in September. I am enjoying a break and spending time setting up the homeschool year instead.

    1. The cow that is due in August has been dry for a year now. I do dry my cows up at LEAST 60 days before they are due, but it usually ends up being a longer dry period of about 80 days. Yes, a break is always welcome!

  2. Oh yes, the poop. That is one of the many reasons we decided to fence our chickens as well. They would actually come up to the front porch!

    1. Those free rangers come up on my porch too...what a mess!


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