Wednesday, July 9, 2014

That Crazy Animal Family

I have been completely unmotivated to do a thing the past week, unless you count cookouts as a *thing*. I have exceled in that area.

We spent the 4th on the lake with jet skis and family.
Devin grew up on this water in Tennessee and it is a favorite summer hangout for all of the kids.

It is always fun for everyone and this was the first year Fletcher could really go for a ride.

Of course no 4th of July would be complete without some corn harvesting and some blueberry picking. I think I ate as much as I picked and we enjoyed a home made blueberry pie the days following.

After we recovered from July 4th festivities we hosted a cookout at our home on Sunday, complete with fireworks. This of course meant that Monday was a sluggish day for us all. Lack of sleep and too much sun wore us all out.

These are not my reason for a lack in motivation to accomplish any of my many projects. The truth of the matter is we got a new baby.

We got a new fur baby, a mutt, a half pug beauty.
All I want to do is hold him.
Even the bulldogs love his antics and play with him. Duke knows how to be gentle too.

It is officially Indiana's (Rock Star) puppy, but we all love him so much that he might never be allowed to walk on his own. He is cute. Why are puppies so cute? That puppy breath? Seriously, why is puppy breath such a sweet smell?

So, we are that crazy animal family that owns a billion pets. We really do love having lots of animals and the kids are fantastic caregivers. I really do feel sad for ids who never have the chance to own a pet. Of course, there are times I feel sad for my feed bill and my budget and even my sanity.
BUT, puppy breath and puppy cuddles cures many ailments.
I have been calling this sweet pup Freddie, but I suppose since it is officially Indiana's pet she can name him.
She has named him Delconno. I have issues remembering that name, probably because I am a little old and somewhat crazy. I may or may not whisper "Freddie" into his ear when I hold him.

At any rate, we love him.

My goal today is to seriously look at my upcoming homeschool schedule and start going through curriculum possibilities....or maybe I will hold a puppy. Who knows. It is summer, right? I can have a few easy and lazy days, right?

I will say that I have some nice helpers now when I milk cows, which makes farm chores more fun.

Happy Tuesday, Ya'll!

, aka Crazy Animal Lady


  1. Do you milk by hand?

    1. No! I did for the first few weeks of having a cow, but now I use a refurbished surge milker. It makes milking a breeze!

  2. Hi Sam,

    I just recently found your blog while searching for information on large families. We are trying to grow our family of six to seven :)

    The more I read, the more I smiled, nodded and shared with my husband. ("Love, I sent you another link from that new blog I found.") I've shared the post about "Why my teenagers don't date" with almost all my friends. We're not there yet, my oldest is nine. But it all rang so very true me and put I to very clear words what my husband and I had discussed many times.

    Also in a funny coincidence my husband, who finished his ER residency last year has started to look for jobs in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. Our plan has been to after residency, stay in our little house in upstate NY and save money to buy a homestead in the south :) In fact he just had lead to a group in Carrollton GA.

    Anyway I just wanted to say your blog is quite an inspiration to us and your family seems lovely! And if you have any advice on moving to, homesteading and homeschooling in GA, please share :)


    1. You are so sweet! I am glad you found posts useful and relatable. I must say, living in the South is fantastic, especially for homesteading. The winter months are pretty mild and the spring rains makes lots of grass. is much cheaper down here versus up North!


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