Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Mid Summer Post

I have been busy with new summer projects this week.

First, I finally decided to purchase a book by Natalie Chanin and boy am I hooked!

The Alabama Style Studio has some beautiful clothing designs and the creator, Natalie Chanin, is so generous by including full patterns in her books. I have made  a skirt and a top that look great. I am working on a tank now and hope to add some beading. Once I get proficient with my Alabama Style swing skills, I plan to splurge on some fabric from her shop and make a fall skirt.

Instead of using cotton embroidery floss, however, I used some wool embroidery yarn that I hand dyed.

It has been super hot weather here, and the only way one can tolerate the heat is by swimming. I am not complaining, though, as I still prefer the heat to the cold winter.
The animals are managing fine, but Indiana has brought Athena up a few times for a cool bath and some grooming.

The new puppy, Luna, is doing well, and house breaking is going okay. The little stinker is afraid of: trains, the dark, wet feet, mama hens, curious cows and all things that go *bump* in the night. Take these things out of the picture and she will happily do her business outside.

She is growing fast, as puppies tend to do, and will soon be 4 months old!

Last week we participated in an infomercial filming. To say this was a new experience is an understatement!!!
We were using a multi cooker that will be hitting the market soon and spent a solid week making meals in the cooker. It was fun and we enjoyed meeting all of the people involved in this production.

Last but not least at all......my hometown, Chattanooga, was attacked last week by a terror gunman. Chattanooga is only 5 minutes from my house, and I think it is safe to say that the entire city is still in shock.
I always figured that an attack is something that would happen in a very large city, but sadly no town is safe.

The city has come together to mourn and to pray for all of the victims and families involved. The Chattanooga Police Department did a fantastic job and prevented the shooter from hurting any one else.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed or messaged me on Facebook. We were gratefully not close to the shootings, but were at home safe. Please keep Chattanooga in your thoughts, along with all of the men and women serving the country.

Happy Mid-Week Ya'll!!!!


  1. I am so excited for you and your new sewing book! I love to sew. Thanks for updating about the Chattanooga shooting. That was very sad and I'm glad you and yours are ok. Hopefully your city, although not forgetting, will be able to move on in a positive way. I remember when the Oklahoma City Bombing happened we all felt similarly.


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