Saturday, July 25, 2015

DragonCon Costume Project by Awesome Daughter

Hi, guys! I'm Quinn, the second oldest of the kids, and I'm 17. :3
Just in case you don't remember my amazing face, here's a very attractive photo of me and my dad's puppy, from this morning.
Try to make out the puppy, Luna. She blends in.
(Note the sarcasm. She woke me up. I'm not a morning person)

My mom is having me and my older sister take over blogging for the week, so I'm gonna update you guys on what I've been working on!

This post is very picture heavy, so if you wanna just look through all the photos, that's fine.
Last year, my dad, my sister and I all went to DragonCon, in Atlanta. We're planning on going again this year and it's super exciting.
Last year, my dad and I each built ourselves a costume from the video game series (That if you haven't played, you're missing out) Halo. I considered wearing the same costume this year, but some of the pieces don't fit the same now, and It's just all over not the best looking, in my opinion. So I've been working on making a whole new costume, pretty similar to my first one.

Here's a picture from last year, of my first costume.
Here is kind of what I'm going for. These photo were taken off of the game.

Now, at this point I'm about finished with the build. I just have to build the helmet, do some details for my undersuit, and paint everything.
Over all, here's what I have so far.


I built everything except the helmet, out of gray EVA foam mats (Like foam mats that you see in gyms and stuff) and craft foam. The EVA foam is about 1/2" thick, and I use a few different thicknesses (brown 2mm, blue 3mm, black 5mm) of craft foam for detailing and stuff. I draw my own templates and use them to cut the foam out with a knife and hot glue everything together.
I'll show some close ups of everything.
The chest piece, belt, forearms and biceps.
 Chest piece front view.
 Chest piece side view.
 Chest piece back view.

Handplates, forearms, and spine piece.
Biceps and shoulder pieces.
The shoulder pieces don't have everything attached to them yet, because there are some things I can't completely attach until after painting.
Right thigh piece.
Lower leg, and right shoe.

In game, Spartans are about 6'8", and I'm not short, but I am nowhere near that height. I'm about 5'9". I used this shoe to get myself to 6', and I built all the foam around it, and used clips, so that was I could take the actual shoe in and out.
 So here's what that looks like. The shoes lack a lot of details, so they aren't my favorite part, but I may try to carve some details into them before painting.

Here's a couple photos of what some of that stuff looks like on me.

And here's what I've got so far for the helmet. It's still in its early stages, so it's not very impressive looking yet. It's built out of cardstock, then layered with fiberglass resin, then bondo, then it's sanded, then that pretty much repeats until I get all the details on it then prep it for painting, and making the visor.
Weapon wise, I've been building a sniper rifle from the game, out of wood. It's not quite as game accurate as I want, because I should of done a better job drawing the template, but I'm not too worried about it.
 It's not complete yet, but it's pretty close. The scope is being built separate from the rest of the gun, so it isn't attached yet.
 I'm also gonna bring my lightsaber and probably carry it around with my costume on one day at the convention, because Star Wars and Halo mixed is just, awesome.

That is all. ^-^



  1. How are you so AWESOME? I bet you get it from your parents XD and Great job!!! Keep up the good work GuuuuuuurrrrrrrllllllXD lol



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