Monday, July 13, 2015

Local Chicken

Let's talk chicken! This past week we processed the pastured chicken we have been raising for ourselves and for others.
These birds lived outside in the fresh air and on grass. They were not injected with hormones or drugs. They ate a non-GMO feed and were treated humanely. They lived their lives as a chicken should live.

 I am always amazed when I read articles such as THIS one about the US chicken companies sending their chicken over seas to China for processing and then back home to sell in your local grocery store.

First consider the fact that commodity farming of chicken (all animals) is obscene. It is truly a disgusting display of what we as Americans have come to accept because we are so very far removed from our food. Chickens are crammed inside a building and fed medications and hormones. Even your free range chickens are not totally treated as *free-range*.

                                              *My chicken processing crew*

Let's consider the processing now. It isn't a pleasant process here in the USA, as chickens are man handles, electrocuted and sliced open by a mechanical knife. The process is so nasty that the birds are chilled in tanks of water with chlorine.
Because Americans want to keep purchasing *cheap* chicken, this process will eventually be moved to China, where workers will process chickens for a mere $1-2 an hour. Slave labor at best. This should upset anyone who has even a slight care for the treatment of people.

We had a couple of families join us on processing day so that they could learn how to butcher and process their own birds. I have seen a movement forming where people who never thought they would raise their own food, are moving to a piece of land and raising their meat. They are getting back to their roots and becoming connected with their food.

Many who cannot move to land are buying local. This year I happily sold all of my chickens and Journee, who decided to raise a batch as well, has sold all of her birds too.
It is NOT cheap chicken.
It is, however, chicken raised as it should: small flocks in the sunshine and on green grass and processed by hand with care and humanity.

Ya'll it has been a busy and hot summer here. Farming and cheese making has been occupying a huge portion of my days, but this is not a complaint.

I have neglected any farm updates because of all the nation news stories. So many controversial and divisive news stories occupy and flood my newsfeeds and I try to steer clear of too many of those *bait and trap* news stories. They exist to divide us. They make us *think* about things that really do not affect us on a daily basis.

The news of our chicken, our food, being sent to China is one topic I will not remain silent over. It's bad enough that we have huge commodity farms to begin with, but over sea processing make sit even worse.

Local farmers are everywhere and they are raising all kinds of food for you to eat. When you buy from a local farmer you are getting high quality food and you are also helping that farmer pay bills.

The best option to fight the abuse of animals in commodity farms is to opt out. Just simply opt out of the system and shop local.  You will find local milk, eggs, cheese, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, fruit and more!

                                                            *Just harvested Shiitakes*

If you have supported a local farmer this year, I thank you!


This week will be start busy here as we are participating in a product testing for a multi -cooker appliance. To say this has been challenging is an understatement!
I have spent countless hours in Pinterest looking for recipes to test!
After tomorrow I am done!

I will post about the product testing if I can obtain permission from the company!
Until then.......find a local farmer!

Happy Monday Ya'll!!!!

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