Friday, September 16, 2011

11 Things Because 10 Is Not Enough!

 1. I took 135 pictures to capture these 2 that are decent. My honey bees are loving the *wildflowers* blooming in the pasture. The goldenrod will soon be in full bloom and they will gravitate towards that bloom.

 This purple flower is Iron Weed. The bees love it, and I love seeing bees so much that I bought a butterfly bush at the store today because it had honey bees ALL OVER IT! It made me smile.

2. I really need to play with this lens more often. It's fun and the kids enjoy seeing the pictures.

3. My baby boy is pretty fussy lately, except when he gets a home made juice popsicle. I make them every night for him.

4. I despise Yahtzee. I remembered it as being fun when I was younger but maybe that was because my Grandma was playing with me and she made ALL games fun. This was a close as I could get to rolling a Yahtzee.
 Rummikub is much more fun...and I don't stink at it! :-)

5. This boy is happy in the mornings not just because he had hot chocolate to drink....

 But because in this house we serve it up with whipped cream. It makes all the difference. Try it one morning and see if it doesn't make you happy too!

6. Fall is here and so are the fall projects. We home educators get the luxury of taking a break to run around outside and collect fall leaves for a picture rub. We had a fantastic week of school!

7. My little red hen lays her eggs on the front porch. She's a sweet hen and I find it very cute to see her out there setting. Looks like a perfect nest to me!

8. Zeb now has a baby doll and he likes to carry it in a sling. Who says that we mothers do not make early, lasting impressions on our children? Bet he grows up to be a great father like Devin.

9. My bulldog Duke is a fierce and scary beast!

10. This is the most handsome rooster on the farm! I'm a little jealous of all the body on top there. His name is Rico!

11. Next week I will share with you a fabulous project we did that involves these things: a hammer and some muslin.

 It also requires some hunting outside for the best materials in nature.
 A nature wlk will turn into a treasure hunt!

Hope your weekend is adventurous!

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